Pricing and Packages

For frequent floaters and those using float therapy to manage a health condition we recommend our Pure Zen packages. For last minute bookings or assistance please phone the centre on 02 6281 0259

Flotation Pricing

Save money and pay as little as $60 per float, instead of the regular price of $75. Experience the flotation therapy for yourself at Pure Zen flotation therapy centre today.
  • Special 90 Minute

    90 Minute float session (60-minute float). Only available Tuesdays and Wednesday's.
  • 3 Float Package

    Floating each week restores and refreshes the senses, leaving one rested, relaxed and sleeping well. Float from 69 per float.
  • 6 Float Package

    A short Flotation therapy treatment period of just 6 weeks enables a total and thorough health benefit.

The Health Benefits of Flotation

Enjoy expanded learning potential, increased creativity and unprecedented levels of mental focus.
  • Improved Sleep

    Floating regularly restores the senses leaving you rested, relaxed and sleeping well.

  • Stress Relief

    Floating therapy is an an antidote to stress, promoting deep relaxation and inner peace.

  • Optimum Performance

    Improve your focus and concentration, and experience more precise thinking.

Pure Zen Float and Sauna Special

Saunas help Detoxify your body, promotes healthy effortless weight loss, increase circulation and and alleviate pain. Enjoy our Float & Sauna package for $100. 


Sauna Package Pricing

Experience a truly deep, productive sweat where toxins reside, at the cellular level with Infrared Sauna Therapy.
  • 3 Sauna Package

    3x Infrared Sauna 30 min
  • 6 Sauna Package

    6x Infrared Sauna 30 min
  • 10 Sauna Package

    10x Infrared Sauna 30 mins

The Benefits of Infrared Saunas

Sweat out the toxins in our Pure Zen Infrared Sauna Therapy. The deep heat from Infrared saunas produce a deep, healthy and natural detoxifying sweat, eliminating toxic heavy metals, drug residues, and hormone disruptors. The result is you'll feel great and look great too.
  • Sweat Out The Toxins

    Infrared Saunas provide the deepest heat penetration, helping increase blood flow.

  • Reverse Aging

    The near-infrared spectrum heat-shock response stimulates and can slow down aging.

  • Improving Sleep

    The therapeutic heat help you relax and calms your mind, promoting deeper sleep.

Bookings FAQ

  • Appointments and Bookings

    Appointments and bookings may be rescheduled without charge up to 24 hours prior to the time of your booking.
  • Transferring Packages

    All packages are able to shared with friends and family, no questions asked.
  • Late Arrivals

    Late arrival to a scheduled booking may result in a shortened float session. Full session charges still apply.
  • Refunds

    No refunds on online purchases, gift vouchers, packages, memberships, change-of-mind or cancellations where less than 24 hours notice is given.